Arcade Geeks come's to work every day because we love games and we want to share the love. The growth of retro video gaming has been staggering over the past decade. gamer's around the world fondly remember their first high score, the beautiful simplicity of those classic games, and the adrenaline pumping music and sound effects. Many gamer's have attempted to re-experience that golden age by downloading emulators or buying licensed versions from their consoles digital store. Sadly, this fails to recreate that unique arcade experience we all love and remember.


Enter Arcade Geeks. We are the UK No 1 Custom Arcade Machine Specialists . Our passion for games and our work ethic means your dream retro Arcade Machine will look just how you imagined. We only use quality components to ensure high quality and a machine that will last and satisfy your gaming experience.

We are Arcade Geeks, do not except any substitutes...

Today, we are one of the UK’s leading arcade machine suppliers. Our speciality is our custom Arcade Machine – ideal for the home, office, man cave or lady attic.