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19 February 2021  |  AG

The Benefits of Bar Top Arcade Machines

Retro arcade games appeal to a really wide range of establishments for all kinds of reasons. And so they should – they’re awesome. But what do you do when you want the unique vibe that retro games bring, but lack the floorspace to accommodate the traditional cabinets? You select a bar top arcade machine instead!

5 February 2021  |  AG

Five Reasons to Invest in a Wall-Mounted Arcade Cabinet

Now, here’s a tricky question for all you arcade game fanatics out there: What’s small, space-saving, as much fun as a retro arcade game, and totally awesome? A wall-mounted retro arcade cabinet, of course! And this is why you might want to invest in one for your business or your home.

26 January 2021  |  AG

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Pac-Man

Pac-Man is arguably among the best known and best loved arcade games in the history of the industry. Despite the game approaching its 41st birthday, the greedy little yellow guy is still almost universally recognised. He’s been in books, films, spin-off games. In the ‘80s, you could even get a Pac-Man board game. Even still, there may be a few things you still don’t know about the game.

7 January 2021  |  AG

4 Reason Why You Should Have a Retro Arcade Game At Your Venue

OK, so investment is probably the last thing on your agenda right now, if you own a pub, a restaurant or any other hospitality venue. With another lockdown underway after one of the worst years on record for the hospitality industry, your focus is more likely on cost-cutting and survival. But as a business manager, you also know that you can’t afford to stand still. And anything that puts you ahead of your competitors when it’s back to business as usual has to be a good thing. And that’s why you should have a retro arcade game in your location.

10 August 2020  |  AG

12 Fun Facts About Classic Video Games

Ahh, nostalgia. What a wonderful friend… Who doesn’t miss the days when you’d finish a “long” and “challenging” day at school, run home, hook up your favourite game system, blow into it to make it work, and then sit back to defeat the villain of the day? To help you relive some of those glory gaming days, we have pulled together 12 fun and weird facts about those classic video games you love. Here they are, in no order: