Our Story


Hi, my name is Rod, the Co-founder of Arcade Geeks I started an arcade company called Arcade Mania back in 2015 were I was inspired by my 9 year son who was born with a condition called scoliosis. Back in 2015 my son who was 5 years old at the time, had spinal surgery, this resulted in him having 9 months out of school. Part of the recovery process was to be careful and have a lot of rest (easy said than done when you are a 5 year old child) So I decided to show him some of the games I used to play growing up on YouTube, He asked me where did I play the arcade games! I explained that I used to play the arcade machine in my local video shop, He frowned and said "what is a video shop" (How times have moved on - chuckle smiley ) From the time he saw the arcade machines in action on YouTube he fell in love with arcade games and said "he would love to be able to play some of those games" I used to play as a kid, So I decided to build one myself being as I have an I.T background it was quite straight forward, my first machine took me a few weeks to build in my workshop, he absolutely loved it, and most of all it helped the months go by quicker for him, before he was able to go back to school. Anybody who came to my home commented on how amazing it was and would ask me if i could do them one too (After they had spent all day on my machine Ha-Ha), I got that many requests before I knew it I was limited company in a business premises where Arcade Mania was born. With the help of my brother and brother in-law we had built a successful business with an excellent reputation.February 2020 I sold Arcade Mania, Since I sold Arcade Mania we have been inundated with requests to start up again,We spoke about it and thought about it, and we never took much persuasion as I just love gaming, I have loads of new ideas, so guys…. I just had to put 10p in the slot pressed fire to continue and Arcade Geeks was born :)