AG Elite 2 Player Arcade Machine - Street Fighter IV - Top Spec

AG Elite 2 Player Arcade Machine - Street Fighter IV - Top Spec
AG Elite 2 Player Arcade Machine - Street Fighter IV - Top SpecAG Elite 2 Player Arcade Machine - Street Fighter IV - Top SpecAG Elite 2 Player Arcade Machine - Street Fighter IV - Top Spec
Our Price:  £1,399.00
5 Year Parts Warranty Included



Custom Built Arcade Machines High Quality Affordable prices Various Options Available   UK Based UK Made 

Brand:  Arcade Geeks
GTIN  0660042906359

Our AG Elite Arcade Machine is our Top Spec machine range, it comes with a 24" inch screen & the internals boasts a powerful I5 PC powering the machine with 8gb of ram and a 480gb SSD storage drive and a dedicated 2gb graphics card, it is sure to satisfy all arcade machine lovers alike, The AG Elite includes Pinball buttons and nudge buttons, the AG Elite also includes the option of adding light guns for those classic light gun games such as Time Crises and Duck Hunt. You can customise your machines buttons, joysticks, and trim colour to make your arcade machine a centre piece that fits in with your decor.


How Do We Do It?

Unlike most suppliers, we build your entire machine from its components in the UK.

Our process involves printing & laminating artwork, preparation of panels, assembly of   

components, electrical testing, and quality control checks. Being hand built by our

experienced team allows us to cater to those more custom orders and ensure that our

products are in line with British manufacturing standards.


Built in the UK


All our arcade machines are hand-built in the UK. This ensures that they are made 

to the highest quality, using high-grade components & materials.

 Over 6,000 games across various systems, Pinball, Light Gun, Arcade, Dream-Cast, Wii, PS1, PSP, etc..

Large 24" Inch screen - Bring those arcade characters to life with this large 24" screen

Suzo Happ Ultimate Joysticks / Or Choose From Our Illuminated Joysticks range at no extra cost

 Suzo Happ Competition Buttons / Or Choose From Our  Illuminated Buttons range at no extra cost

 Front Mounted Audio Control - Control the volume from the front of your machine

 Acrylic overlay to protect the control panel  -  "Action area"

 Removable Control Panel - for ease of access 

 6mm toughened glass - Keeps your screen protected

 Illuminated Marquee – top banner lights up.

 Dual USB Ports - Add extra control pads/light guns etc.

 Includes 2x Wireless controllers - for systems such as PS1/PS2/Steam games

 Light Gun games  section-

 Powered by an i5 PC/8GB Ram/480GB SSD/2GB Graphics card - Take arcade gaming to a next level

 Games that are meant to be played in 4.3 ratio will adjust automatically with screen bezels - This enables the games to played as intended

 Constructed with 18mm Melamine MDF - Robust and strong

 Built using a unique cam system - no unsightly screws or bolts

 Aluminium tread plate - Foot Rest

 Dual LED Exhaust Fans - to keep the machine running nice and cool

 Lockable back door - 2 keys supplied

 Side Pinball buttons and nudge/tilt buttons - for Pinball games

 Saves High Scores

 Save Game Progress

 Illuminated Marquee – top banner lights up.

 Unique 3 stage artwork process.

 HP Vinyl & Inks to "Best in Class" - To recreate the beautiful artwork to the machine.

 Laminated using Crystal-Matt laminate - To protect the machines vinyl graphics for years to come.

 Constructed with 18mm Melamine MDF - Robust and strong.

 Built using our unique cam system - no unsightly screws or bolts.

 Lockable backdoor – 2 keys provided.

 Arrives fully assembled.

 Superior Quality Arcade Machines.

 Built right here in the UK at our Stourport-On-Severn branch.

 UK-based after-sales customer service provided by the manufacturers themselves – Arcade Geeks®.

 Backed by a 5 Year Parts Warranty "T&Cs apply"



Chrome or Gold  Bezel LED Buttons

The shine of LEDs meets the elegance of chrome or gold on these buttons. With an illuminated face and chrome or gold surround, your machine will attract all the eyes in the room.

Eclipse LED Buttons

Dark yet light, this style of LED is surely for the discreet. The blacked-out face and illuminated surroundings add a stealthy look to your machine.

Concave Buttons

These standard buttons come in various, customisable colours. In an increasingly quiet world, the satisfying clicks of the microswitches will surely take you back to simpler times!

Universal Electronic Coin Mech - Arcade Express S.L.

Coin Acceptor

Add a coin acceptor to our classic arcade machine range, Includes coin box and lockable door. It is a great way to earn extra revenue for a businesses, or for that extra nostalgia for home users.

Suzo Happ Ultimate Joysticks

U.S. manufactured, high quality, and precision-engineered- these joysticks are amongst the finest in the market. With their microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles, you can be sure these will last you for years to come.

Illuminated Joysticks

Our illuminated joysticks will complement our illuminated LED buttons, it is sure to give your machine the wow-factor in creating your personalised Arcade machine master-piece.

Gold Arcade Machine Trim
Chrome Wallcade Machine Trim


Your classic arcade machine can really be brought to life with the trimming surrounds. We offer a range of colours, now including chrome and gold.

Approx. Dimensions:

Dimensions mm/kg
Height:  1700
Width:  630
Depth: 550
Weight: 60


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