4 Reason Why You Should Have a Retro Arcade Game At Your Venue

7 January 2021  |  AG

4 Reason Why You Should Have a Retro Arcade Game At Your Venue

OK, so investment is probably the last thing on your agenda right now, if you own a pub, a restaurant or any other hospitality venue. With another lockdown underway after one of the worst years on record for the hospitality industry, your focus is more likely on cost-cutting and survival. But as a business manager, you also know that you can’t afford to stand still. And anything that puts you ahead of your competitors when it’s back to business as usual has to be a good thing. And that’s why you should have a retro arcade game in your location.

Four Reasons Why You Need a Retro Arcade Game in Your Venue

Increasing dwell time

The longer someone stays in your venue, the more they are likely to spend. A retro arcade game – or two or three – creates another point of interest. Whether for lone drinkers, or groups intent on mini tournaments. A Street Fighter arcade cabinet or custom-made Space Invaders machine gives your patrons something else to do when conversation begins to ebb.

Maximising potential space

Almost every venue has wasted space. Somewhere not quite roomy enough to fit a table and not that convenient for standing. A retro arcade game can fill the gap while generating revenue and adding to the character of your establishment.

Building character

Nostalgia sells. You don’t always want a theme venue, but you can add character to any establishment with your choice of accessories and entertainment. Retro arcade games are massively popular right now because they appeal to such a wide demographic. Everyone loves the 80s, even if they weren’t alive when they were happening… Maybe especially if they weren’t alive when they were happening! Retro arcade machines draw people in because they have that vintage vibe which wistfully whispers of better days gone by. They also bring out the inner kid in everyone. And that’s a great way to develop the character of your venue. Especially if you invest in a customised model.

Enhancing entertainment

Not everyone is interested in sport. Darts and pool tables take up space, and lots of it. Live music is an option, but not all of the time. And jukeboxes can be great, but sometimes you need more. A retro arcade game adds another level to your entertainment. It won’t disrupt the entire room, but it will be enjoyed, whether as a conversation starter, or a means to kill time while waiting for friends to arrive.

Whether wall-mounted, bar top, or in the traditional cabinet style, the appeal of retro arcade games is evergreen. They cater for kids as well as they do for adults seeking a hit of nostalgia. They don’t take up much space. They require minimal investment, paying for themselves in just a few months – weeks in busy establishments. And they’re fun. They are really, really good fun! And we can’t think of any better reason than that justify your investment in one for your bar!

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