The Benefits of Bar Top Arcade Machines

19 February 2021  |  AG

Retro arcade games appeal to a really wide range of establishments for all kinds of reasons. And so they should – they’re awesome. But what do you do when you want the unique vibe that retro games bring, but lack the floorspace to accommodate the traditional cabinets? You select a bar top arcade machine instead!

Why You Should Consider a Retro Bar Top Arcade Machine for Your Business

They’re small

OK, this is the obvious bit. But is it worth stating. Bar top arcade machines can be really, really compact. Measuring just 58cm (h), by 54cm (w), by 41cm (d), and weighing as little as 21kg, they can fit onto practically any flat surface. And yet they still deliver the same interface, the same performance and the same appeal of the original machines.

The price

Bar top arcade machines are also noticeably cheaper than both wall-mounted and floor standing alternatives. And the times being the times, that’s always going to be a benefit. So, if you’re looking for ways to draw the customers in post-lockdown, it needn’t involve a massive investment.

They’re eye catching

People love the full-size retro arcade cabinets because they’re kind of iconic. You walk into a room and they hit you with a full-sized, ‘wow, I remember those!’ (or maybe a full-sized ironic, nudge-nudge, ‘do you remember playing on those, Dad?‘), And you might think that that would be missing with the smaller models. But you’d be surprised. In a small space, a bar top arcade machine can make a big impact. Without the annoyance of lost seating, trip hazards, and corners just waiting to be bumped into. Who wouldn’t want a little Street Fighter perched on their counter?

The games

Technology may now be able to offer us immersive VR entertainment… But you will never match the glory of beating the boss in Space Invaders. Sure, they’re clunky and basic, but what retro arcade games lack in sophistication, they more than make up for in style. And because they’re powered by new technology, they perform better than ever before.

You can find room at home

Lastly, because of their size and cost, bar top arcade machines are actually great for playing at home. Batchelor pad, man cave, snug, or shed with delusions of grandeur, if you have the kind of home we dream to own, bar top arcade machines are a great ambience maker. They’re also a huge amount of fun.  

Small, versatile, affordable, and fabulous, bar top arcade machines are the ultimate addition to any hospitality venue. While you might not want them in your boutique hotel bedrooms (but seriously, how good an idea is that? We’d book a room!), in bars, pubs, and cafes, they have the potential to be a serious crowd-pleaser for a very small investment.

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