Five Reasons to Invest in a Wall-Mounted Arcade Cabinet

5 February 2021  |  AG

Now, here’s a tricky question for all you arcade game fanatics out there: What’s small, space-saving, as much fun as a retro arcade game, and totally awesome?

A wall-mounted retro arcade cabinet, of course!

And this is why you might want to invest in one for your business or your home.

Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Wall-Mounted Arcade Cabinet

1. They’re awesome.

That right there should be reason enough to make a purchase. Wall-mounted arcade cabinets are amazing. In fact, any retro arcade game is amazing. They’re fun, they’re entertaining, and they bring a whole new character to any establishment. They’re great… We think you should buy one!

2. They have all the bang of a traditional arcade cabinet, but none of the bulk

Designed to deliver the full appeal of the retro gaming vibe, while taking up barely a quarter of the space, wall-mounted arcade cabinets take vintage tech and make it more 21st century-friendly. Replacing chunky CTR monitors and endless circuitry with compact flat screens and micro data chips, these machines allow bars, restaurants, cafes and man-caves of all sizes to benefit from a crowd-pleasing centrepiece without losing half of their floor space.

3. Location, location, location

The problem with traditional arcade cabinets is that they can be really difficult to position. They’re fab if you have the space, but… You don’t want them hidden away because no one will use them. And they do take up a lot of room. Wall-mounted arcade cabinets can be positioned anywhere there is a wall to mount them on. They weigh around 25kg when empty, so you’re not going to need a team of weightlifters if you want to redesign your interiors. And because they don’t take up any floor space, you’ve got more flexibility when it comes to positioning. Because even if someone decides to pull over a bar stool for a long game, they’re not going to be causing an obstruction.

4. Pulling power

After the last year, once all the lockdowns have been dealt with, everyone is going to want to go out. You need to make sure that it’s your establishment that they all want to go to. A wall-mounted retro arcade cabinet brings a new attraction. Especially if you choose a classic title that will engender nostalgia, or fire up that competitive spirit.

5. Staying power

And following on from that, once you’ve got your customers through the door, you want to keep them there and spending money. Even a couple of extra drinks and maybe some snacks while a customer tries to get to the next level – or, better still, tries to get their name on the leader board – can boost the coffers.

A wall-mounted arcade cabinet can be a great investment for any hospitality business. Whether you’re looking for ways to attract customers in, or ways to distract them while they’re waiting for service (add a Space Invaders cabinet to a hotel lobby and no one will complain about waiting to check in!). In a man cave, they deliver the goods, without taking up the entire room. Small in size, but with a big personality, these games practically sell themselves.


Are you interested in a custom-made wall-mounted arcade cabinet for your business or ‘study’? Contact Arcade Geeks today.